I got a coffee from my taxi driver. #taxistories


I had a company event today.  Went went and did an escape room and then we had yakiniku (Korean barbecue). It was pretty far from where I live and we don’t have many events, so I usually end up staying late and taking a taxi from my closest station. I’m used to it. It was a great time. My co-workers are great!

So I was on the train, on the way home when I realized I was on the local train and not the express I should of been on. I got to the station I was gonna transfer at, and saw the train I was supposed to be on about to leave. I missed it by a minute. I got over it pretty quickly and went to the taxi line. I’ve never taken a taxi so far from my home. I knew it was gonna be expensive, but I also knew I was on a budget. I didn’t even have that much money on me. It was kind of rainy, past 1:00 a.m. on a Friday night, and I was feeling tired. I got on the taxi, asked him to stop at where my money could take me til, and told him to hurry if possible. He said he would try. We talked a little bit. I’ve had great taxi conversations, but we didn’t necessarily click. Our conversations were pretty normal and he was just a normal guy. I got off where I had to, and he gave me a coffee. He told me to get home safely, and I told him thank you.

He did something extra. It might of not been a big deal to him, but it meant something to me. He did something that he didn’t have to do. He did something that’s not in the book. Because of that kind gesture, I’m gonna remember him more than just a normal guy.

We can all do what we are told to do, but it’s going that one extra mile, taking that extra step, that’s gonna show our true character. It’s those “extra” things we do in life that shows we care. He didn’t do it because he had to, he did it because he wanted to. 🙂


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